Tickets Please!

Tickets Please!
++ACHTUNG: Bezug derzeit nur über den Autor –
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020, 1. Auflage
160 Seiten
Ausstattung: Kommissionsware des Autors // Paperback, Querformat (24,5x13,5 cm), durchgehend farbig
ISBN: 978-1916039650

[Kommissionsware im Auftrag und auf Rechnung des Autors, Sebastian Schmitz. Englische Original-Ausgabe: Astral Horizon Press]

This fascinating collection of airline tickets spans the history of air travel. From flagship megabrands like Pan Am and BOAC to some of the least known airlines flying to the most obscure corners of the world. One thing they shared was a sharp eye for colour and design. This collection has been brought together by the author of Planely Schmitz and Interflug: East Germany's Airline, and prefaced with an in-depth essay by airline historian Charles Kennedy. Join us on a flight to a bygone age of travel and design.